Securing our people

G4S is a global business with operations in more than 100 countries. We employ over 610,000 people, making G4S one of the world’s largest private employers.*

Only with the expertise and commitment of our people will we be able to meet our customers’ expectations and deliver on our organisational goals.


  • Undertook health and safety leadership training with more than 1,000 managers
  • Developed and launched a new road safety policy
  • Completed six group-led critical country reviews of safety in high priority businesses
  • Conducted our fourth and largest global employee engagement survey to date, receiving responses from 73% of all employees
  • Achieved an overall favourable score of 82% in our global employee engagement survey


At the end of 2015, over 610,000 people worked for G4S. The largest geographical region continues to be Asia Middle East where 42% of our employees work. The majority of employees are in frontline roles, with the number of managers and supervisors varying depending on the nature of each business and the extent to which technology is deployed to meet customer requirements.

Shape of the organisation

* Includes 44,000 employees in businesses to be sold or exited.


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