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Manned Security

G4S Manned Security Solutions are customised to each client’s individual needs, using the most appropriate combination of manned guarding and security technology.
manned guard

manned security

We provide a range of specialist security personnel to help secure your premises, people and assets, helping to minimise the security risk. 

On the majority of sites where G4S provides security services, our role extends far beyond simply providing access and egress control. We are integral to the safety of all staff, contractors and visitors. G4S’s presence and duties are critical to the smooth running of the site’s operation.

Site-specific and tailor-made procedures are agreed with the client at the onset of each contract. Regular consultation between G4S security managers and the client, especially with regard to risk assessment and customer care, ensures continual adaptation and improvement of performance management and consequent customer satisfaction.

This concept of integrated security solutions is based on two simple objectives: the Company aims to offer the client the most cost effective option available in the market and sets clear quantifiable goals in terms of benefits generated.

Services we offer include:

Customised security solutions
Electronic Systems and Technology: Purchasing a security solution is not just a one-off acquisition but rather a significant long term investment where relationships need to be built. By choosing an integrated security system you have peace of mind that your expectations will be met and we will continue to understand and react to your needs throughout the lifetime of the system. Technology can enhance protection beyond that of a security officer and replace their more routine tasks to deliver greater efficiencies. 
In addition to the full range of alarms systems for residential and business applications, G4S designs and supplies the following:

Access control systems
Visual alarm verification systems
Vehicle tracking and fleet  management systems
High security alarms
Fire alarm systems
CCTV systems
Time locks / time delay systems  for safes and strong rooms
Intercom systems
Guard patrol monitoring systems

Continual risk assessment
Sector specialist security e.g. mining, energy, construction, aviation, hospitality, telecoms, retail, financial, diplomatic
Secure mobility & close protection
Event security: G4S's expert event security services ensure our customers can focus on the main event. G4S has a wealth of experience in providing crowd management and security services to the events market. Our breadth and depth of experience across sport, conferences, exhibitions and community events is unmatched in the industry. We make this legacy count by providing high quality and well managed security services. The experience of our teams in event and crowd management allows us to design and implement the most effective security solution in conjunction with the police and other emergency services. Its success is centred on the seamless integration of G4S and the authorities, and the consequent reduction in costs for the police.