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Secure Monitoring and Response

Mobile security patrol and response services with state of the art alarm receiving and monitoring facilities. 

Through its state-of-the-art national control centre in Gaborone, G4S is able to monitor a wide range of individually identifiable signals, including but not limited to:

• Security alarms
• Electric fences
• Fire alarms
• Medical emergency alarms
• Illegal access signals
• Vehicle tracking
• Low battery power alerts
• Portable panic buttons
• CCTV remote images

By deploying the optimum number of response crews G4S is able to achieve the quickest average response time in the industry. All our crews are highly trained and experienced, and are under constant direct supervision of the control rooms. Vehicles are fitted with vehicle tracking devices, and all events and communications are logged for most effective control and performance standards management.

G4S can provide a wide range of patrol, monitoring and response services to your organisation with scheduled or random patrols of your sites at specified intervals during the day and/or night. The checks carried out by our patrol team help to reduce the risk of theft and protect your property against damage.

Fleet Management

• Real-time vehicle tracking
• Efficiency & cost control
• Fuel usage reporting & management
• Time management
• Integration
•    Monitoring driver behaviour
Management reporting