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Our Partnership in Sport

In the summer of 2007, G4S launched an innovative sports programme to support a group of aspiring young athletes from around the world.

Fourteen young sportsmen and women who demonstrated the strong set of values required to develop and compete at the highest level were identified and selected to join G4S 4teen, supported by double Olympic Gold medallist and global sporting icon Haile Gebrselassie. An inspiration to hundreds of thousands of athletes for the past two decades, Haile has committed to mentor the team to help each athlete achieve their sporting goals.

Each member of the team enjoys the ongoing support of their local G4S office and the global G4S family. In addition to receiving sponsorship intended to enable them to focus on training for, and competing at, junior and world championships and possibly the greatest sporting stage of them all, the Olympic Games, the local G4S markets also provide training in key life skills.

The Botswana National Olympics Committee assisted in identifying sprinter Fanuel Kenosi as Botswana’s G4S 4teen Ambassodor.

Fanuel Kenosi has represented his country in the 100m and 200m for the past four years and has continued to progress from strength to strength. Identified as possessing a unique natural talent at an early age, Fanuel continues to improve his personal bests and in 2008 qualified in the 200m for his first Olympic Games in Beijing.