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Electronic Security Services

Site security management requires the deployment of an integrated security system including mechanical protection (obstacle), electronic protection (detection) and organizational protection (reaction). G4S has developed a wide range of products to reduce your risk and optimize your various security processes.

We provide:

Alarm monitoring

G4S Ivory Coast, installs and maintains the best detection systems for all your needs, from simple basic systems to integrated industry solutions.

Our offers allow you to rest easy by choosing the solution that best suits you to take advantage of our assistance 24h / 24 and 7/7.

G4S will guide you in choosing an alarm system depending on the configuration of your business or your home through a personalized and free of charge consultation session.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is one of the fastest growing businesses in the security sector.

G4S Côte d’Ivoire installs and maintains, CCTV systems - from simple videophone to the multi-camera and multi-site systems. CCTV provides live monitoring and recording activities in an area of interest.

This system allows alert and operational response in the event of fraud, fire, accidents as well as direct visualization from a remote site.

Access control

Access control is at the heart of a modern security system.

G4S Côte d’Ivoire has extensive expertise and exclusive systems to meet the most varied customer needs: From a basic system with limited devoted readers to the   management of access to the most integrated security systems for centralized security management of a customer’s premises.

Card, code or biometric systems as well as specific management software are available to suit your needs.

Metal detection portal

G4S offers and maintains a comprehensive range of metal detectors designed to allow faster flow at the security checkpoints. 

Our walk-through metal detectors offer superior performance for high security applications and are suitable for permanent installations as well as temporary ones depending on applications: airport security, security of banks, financial institutions, entertainment venues, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, power plants etc. 


G4S Asset Tracking is a tracking solution that offers any user real-time tracking of their vehicle in order to know its location at every moment. This system offers many benefits including:

  • Permanent location
• Detection of a perimeter area
• Detection of an accident impact
• Remote stopping of the vehicle 
• Presence of a panic button inside the car
• Dedicated driver key

More than a location or a logistics management tool, G4S Asset Tracking is also a solution for assistance in case of emergency.

Personal Tracker

G4S Personal Tracker is a handheld device that allows you through a GPRS connectivity to:

• Monitor in real-time subscriber
• Send an alert if needed
• Locate subscribers from a mobile terminal
• Intervention of G4S, which operates 24 hours / 24 in case of alert

Fire security

G4S Côte d’Ivoire offers extensive expertise and quality solutions to address all our customers’ fire security needs. These services help you preserve and protect your assets and facilities for the smooth running of your business:

Supply of equipment, installation and maintenance system of all types
Consulting, training and fire safety assistance
Provision of fire brigade