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Risk Consulting and Advisory Services

G4S Risk Consulting is an integral part of G4S, operating across its entire international network.

Our industry-leading expertise is supported by our ability to mobilize the best people - from threat and risk mitigation to cyber security.

We are uniquely equipped to assess and manage challenging scenarios like no other organization in our sector both globally and locally.

Security audit

As specialists in safety and security intelligence, G4S applies its skills to assists economic and other institutions to help them evaluate, prevent and manage all kinds of risks inherent to unstable environments.

Our audits are based on a thorough knowledge of the processes and the legal and regulatory context. 

Our auditors collect objective data and agree with the security requirements of the site, with the aim of recommending the best solutions to improve security and customer safety.

Business continuity planning

G4S helps you in the auditing, development, deployment and monitoring of your business continuity plan to increase your resilience in case of a major disaster.

G4S will help your organization to define potential risks, determining how those risks will affect operations, implementing safeguards and procedures designed to mitigate those risks, testing those procedures to ensure that they work, and periodically reviewing the process to make sure that it is up to date.

Our experts also support you in the regular update process of the business continuity plan until its implementation.