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Secure Solutions

G4S is a partner who anticipates and understands the challenges and issues of security. We provide customized solutions to our customers through fully integrated systems that effectively protect businesses, assets and people.
G4S Staff

We provide our customers professional security personnel trained in risk prevention and protection of valuable assets.

We believe our success is based on the following key principles:

- Deliver innovative products and services
- Provide excellent customer service
- Engage employees, so that they remain  proud to work for our company
- Continuously improve our methodology of work in accomplishing our mission.

The service we offer include :

Manned security services

We provide a range of specialist security personnel to help secure your premises, people and assets, helping to minimize inherent security risk.
On the majority of sites where G4S provides security services, our role extends far beyond simply providing access and egress control. We are integral to the safety of all staff, contractors and visitors. G4S’s presence and duties are critical to the smooth running of the site’s operation.

We make it our priority to recruit the best security officers who are able to serve our customers with professionalism and rigor.

Our commitment to the training and capacity building of our employees allow us to recruit people with exemplary competence, conduct and integrity. 

Mobile patrol and response service

We support the staff on the ground via mobile patrols, allowing us to ensure active security. These patrols are operated 24H / 24 randomly, allowing our teams to respond immediately when called from any site or triggering of any alarm.

The checks carried out by our patrol team help to reduce the risk of theft and protect your property against damage. G4S is able to provide a wide range of patrol, monitoring and response services to your organization. 

Canine services

A canine solution will provide an extra dimension to your site’s security. The presence of a G4S canine unit is a powerful tool which can be used as a deterrent against a potential intruder, as well as providing a capability to detect and search for trespassers. 

G4S trains and deploys general purpose, narcotics and explosive dog/handler teams to meet your business requirements, whether that’s protecting your assets from intruders, guarding premises, searching persons entering your building, or examining your high-risk areas for hidden explosives.

The provision of this service was made possible through an investment made in 2013 through the creation of a kennel and assiduous training developed by our center approved by the FDFP.

Secure mobility and close protection services

The recommended security profile for business or leisure travellers to Abidjan is ‘’G4S Secure Mobility and Close Protection Service’’. 

G4S is able to offer tailored, holistic Secure Mobility and Close Protection solutions that address our clients’ safety and facilitates their ability to confidently conduct their business activities.

G4S offers a range of Secure Mobility & Close Protection services which are tailored to address our client’s specific risk profile and requirements, mitigate potential travel risks, and respect local culture and protocol. 

Airports Meet and Greet
A meet-and-greet service is offered at airports in Côte d’Ivoire, which minimizes the anxiety many travellers experience upon arrival at their destination.
Secure Driver
Vetted and highly trained G4S drivers with extensive local knowledge and experience provide a secure shuttle service.
Executive Protection
Depending on the risk profile of the client and prevalent security climate, an executive protection service may be recommended. The service consists of Close Protection Officers (CPOs) who may be armed (where required and only if legally permitted) and may work alone or as part of a larger team or “detail”.
A Close Protection Officer (CPO) is a multi-skilled professional who has been trained by G4S to its world-class standard.
Venue Protection Officers (VPOs) and high profile Event Security Personnel are also available for the securing of venues and event management.
Armed Police Escorts: Where a requirement for armed security exists but the country does not permit private security companies to carry firearms, G4S is able to access armed support from local police resources who are legally mandated to provide armed escorts to the private sector.
Other: Coordinators & Visa Assistance

Event security

G4S Secure Solutions (CI) offers countrywide event security solutions tailored to the needs of our customers that address the specificity of the events and caters for all types of venues used.

The experience of our teams in event and crowd management allows us to design and implement the most effective security solution in conjunction with the police and other emergency services. 

G4S has a wealth of experience in providing crowd management and security services to the events market for social, cultural, sporting, artistic, scientific or political events.