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Secure Solutions

G4S provides manned security services through a ‘one stop security shop’ for a wide range of business outsourcing services that are fully compliant with global best practice based on G4S worldwide standards.
Secure Solutions

We provide the following Secure Solutions services in Gabon: 

Manned Security
G4S Gabon provides manned security services which are fully compliant with global best practice based on G4S worldwide standards:

  • Access control
  • Checking functions
  • Static guards
  • Supervision
  • Patrolling
  • Parking and traffic control
  • Health & safety assistance
  • Receiving & despatch
  • Reception duties
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Venue security

On the majority of sites where G4S provides security services, our role extends far beyond simply providing access and egress control. We are integral to the safety of all staff, contractors and visitors. G4S’s presence and duties are critical to the smooth running of the site’s operation.

Alarm & CCTV Monitoring
We operate 24-hour control centers to respond to routine and emergency calls and preventive maintenance service requirements. We specialize in event-driven, off site monitoring of alarms, CCTV and electronic systems.

Alarm Response
The Alarm Response Service provides vital support for clients and their guards in the event of emergency situations. 

G4S Gabon provides a dedicated Alarm Response Team with vehicles located across Libreville and Port-Gentil.  On subscribing to the Alarm Response Service, a number of panic buttons are strategically installed at your premises.  In the event of an emergency, a panic button is pressed which sends a specific signal via a VHF transmitter.  Our 24 hour Central Monitoring Station immediately dispatches the nearest Alarm Response Team on receipt of a panic alarm signal.

While a Response Team member is on route, a telephone call is made to the client to establish the type of emergency and to supply additional support if required.
All Alarm Response Teams are highly trained and equipped to deal with a variety of emergency situations.