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G4S Gurkha Services secures Thanet Earth

G4S Gurkha Services, part of G4S Secure Solutions (‘G4S’), the UK’s leading security company, has been awarded the contract to secure Thanet Earth, the UK’s largest, most high-tech greenhouse complex.
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The contract, which commenced on 20 February 2009, is an example of G4S’s ability to use its specialist resources to provide a rapid response to meet its customers’ requirements.  In this instance, G4S was able to provide trained, licensed security officers on the Thanet Earth site the day after the request for security officers was made.

Steve McVickers, Managing Director, Thanet Earth commented: “We were impressed by the Gurkha officers who were guarding a site nearby and recognise the skills that they will bring to securing our unique premises.  A number of Gurkha women also work at Thanet Earth; we have enormous respect for the Gurkha culture and values.”

“I’m confident that G4S Gurkha Services can provide reliable, unobtrusive security cover. The management team has proven that it has what it takes to deliver, and I look forward to a continued partnership with G4S.”

John Whitwam, Managing Director, G4S Gurkha Services said: “I’m delighted to have secured this contract; the very fact that we received the enquiry after our officers were seen in action demonstrates that G4S Gurkha officers are recognised as highly effective operators.  As the largest employer of former British Army Gurkhas within the UK, we use a unique, military management structure. We have a proven ability to provide a high level of security at short notice, and are able to relocate officers to start a two week trial the very next day.”