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Wherever your valuables need to go, trust us to get them there safely
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We don't just transport cash securely. Many businesses rely on G4S to keep all kinds of high-value and important items protected on the move.

Over the years, our expert team has been entrusted with everything from vital documents and data to precious metals, jewellery, art and even world-famous sporting trophies. Our unrivalled logistics and security expertise means complete peace of mind for you as well as total security for your items.

What's in it for you?

Market-leading knowledge

Our Special Services Team has the expertise to handle your secure transportation and storage. with G4S, you know your high-value items are being looked after with the utmost care and professionalism at all times.

Flexible Services

Different items need to be transported in different ways. We'll build a solution around your valuables through for instance the provision of a different type of vehicle that can be adapted to your specific security needs. Whether you work with us or as a one off, your items are fully insured while they're in our possession.

Nationwide coverage

We'll get your items securely from A to B anywhere in the UK & Ireland. If the ultimate destination is abroad, we'll make sure they arrive safe and sound at the departure point.

More efficiencies

By taking on the cost, risk and time consuming requirements needed when storing or transporting your precious assets we can help make significant savings in resources, time and costs for you.

“A secure cash in transit service that provides us with flexibility, is essential to the smooth running of our UK & Ireland business. The service G4S provides us with gives us peace of mind that our employees and sites are secure whilst helping free up our time to devote to our core business.”

Sales Director, , London Stone

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