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Securing Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)

High-risk environments are commonplace in the CNI sector. Enhanced security helps to address the changing threat landscape and ensure compliance with safety and security regulations.

Some of the key challenges, faced are:

  • Theft or damage to property, assets and materials
  • Unauthorised entry (including terrorist, activist and urban           exploration)
  • The insider threat

Here’s how we can help.


This guide explores the security threats faced by the CNI sector and the fundamentals  of good security in order to stay one step ahead.

Regulation and Risk Management

CNI threats are constantly evolving. Our risk based approach to mitigate these threats includes a combination of intelligence, global past performance and highly experienced  security officers to ensure that CNI remains safe, functioning and efficient.

Enhanced Security Officers

Enhanced Security Officers (ESOs) are perfect for any site that is complex or high risk, to build strong, resilient, cohesive security teams. ESOs are highly experienced (often with ex-military backgrounds) to appease any hostile or challenging situations.

Managing ingress and egress

CNI sites are often large multisite locations with high numbers of people on site daily. Key considerations include:

  • Suitable access control systems to             process people and vehicles securely         and efficiently.
  • Layered security with security checks         kicking in before the perimeter

Screening and vetting

Security clearance plays an important role, not only for employees, but also contractors, and visitors, some of which may be high-profile.

G4S offers a range of employment screening and vetting packages to meet individual business needs.


  • Access to a pool of Suitably Qualified and Experienced                 Personnel 
  • A range of security services to build integrated security               programmes
  • Knowledge of regulations and requirements 
  • Highest security clearances for officers and engineers 
  • Constantly innovating to protect against sector-specific                 vulnerabilities
  • Global Risk Management services to effectively implement           countermeasures.
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