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Securing Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are some of the most active and dynamic public facilities. Operating across multiple sites and large campuses with varied populations of patients, visitors and staff means that the job of securing healthcare is both diverse and complex.

Don’t worry we’re here to help.

Healthcare Security Managers’ Guide to Security Systems

This guide provides an overview of the principal technology areas that healthcare security managers should consider as part of their overall security programme. 
Healthcare Security Guide

Healthcare Security Guide

Download our guide for more information.
Healthcare Security Guide

Diagnosing Gaps in Hospital Security - A G4S Case Study

A publicly funded hospital was at risk of failing to protect staff, visitors and patients due to an inconsistent and incomplete CCTV systems. G4S provided a comprehensive CCTV platform that ensured the safety and security of all patients and staff.
Gaps in Hospital Security

Securing Healthcare - A G4S Academy Paper

This paper highlights what “good security” should look like for the healthcare sector, together with what to look for in an outsourced security partner.
Healthcare Security Guide

Safeguarding Critical Health Services - A G4S Case Study

Read how we upgraded a special health authorities outdated security and created a centralised system that could scale to cover multiple locations across the UK.
NHS Case Study

G4S Security within a City Centre-based Acute Trust 

Security response for aggravated situations - particularly around A&E departments, together with full surveillance from a permanently manned security control room.
G4S Security within a City Centre-based Acute Trust

Why Choose G4S? 

  • Our training ensures security professionals have the correct skills to deliver their work.
  • Our ability to integrate technology and personnel to deliver efficiencies and ensure compliance.
  • Our ability to provide high volumes of well trained staff at short notice in an emergency. 



  • Confidence that your security partner has the skills and expertise to deliver.
  • Clear accountability for security service delivery in your supply chain.
  • Greater efficiency by combining personnel and technology.
  • Improved patient experience and safety by using the time saved to focus on your core operations. 

For more information, please download our guides below or request a callback.


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