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secure mobility and Close Protection

G4S is able to offer tailored, holistic Secure Mobility and Close Protection solutions that address our clients’ safety and facilitates their ability to confidently conduct their business activities. 
G4S Staff

G4S offers a range of Secure Mobility & Close Protection services which are tailored to address our client’s specific risk profile and requirements, mitigate potential travel risks, and respect local culture and protocol. 

Airports Meet and Greet
A meet-and-greet service is offered at airports in Gambia, which minimizes the anxiety many travellers experience upon arrival at their destination.
The G4S officer will assist the traveller to clear the terminal to the ‘curb side’ where they will be handed over to the relevant driver for further transport. Where permissible by law, G4S protocol officers are available to assist clients with checking in and related customs checks, prior to departure.

Secure Driver
Vetted and highly trained G4S drivers with extensive local knowledge and experience provide a secure shuttle service.

Executive Protection
Depending on the risk profile of the client and prevalent security climate, an executive protection service may be recommended. The service consists of Close Protection Officers (CPOs) who may be armed (where required and only if legally permitted) and may work alone or as part of a larger team or “detail”.A Close Protection Officer (CPO) is a multi-skilled professional who has been trained by G4S to its world-class standard.

Venue Protection Officers (VPOs) and high profile Event Security Personnel are also available for the securing of venues and event management


Coordinators & Visa Assistance