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G4S Indonesia Careers - Our people


G4S is the world’s leading security solutions group. We help ensure the safety and welfare of millions of people worldwide.  

A global organisation, we secure airports and embassies, protect cash and valuables for banks and retailers across the globe, safeguard some of the most exciting events in the global sporting and entertainment calendar, and are a trusted partner to governments worldwide, keeping personnel and some of the world’s most important buildings safe and secure. 

What we do touches people’s lives in nearly every area you can imagine.  

Joining G4S offers a world of exciting challenges, great career opportunities and a chance to be part of the second largest private workforce in the world.

Discover where you fit in by exploring our three levels of recruitment:

Strategic management

Strategic Management
If you have the vision and drive to be part of our global management team
Learn about our management roles

Management and support

Management Support
If you are interested in joining one of the world's largest and best teams
Learn about our management & support roles

Operational employees

Operational Employee
To apply to work for G4S in Indonesia
Apply for roles in G4S Indonesia