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When nine JLL Shopping Centres needed a new security process delivered, G4S were called in and set course for an enhanced customer care security solution, that would step up to the challenge.  
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The focus

  • Provide better support to visitors, staff stakeholders
  • Achieve zero harm by reducing H&S risk on labour intensity
  • Upskill staff & reduce excessive hours
  • Improve leadership
  • Ensure a higher percentage of hours on the shop floor
  • Deliver cost savings where possible
  • Improve pay rate & staff retention

the Solution

  • Deliver customer care training, including training with the Samaritans, Dementia Friends, Lost Children, Shop Mobility & local Police
  • Provide bespoke risk consultancy training for greater situational awareness on terrorism
  • Ensure strong customer focus with the launch of ‘Customer Care Agents’
  • Enable pay increases to match/exceed geographical locations
  • Set out incentive schemes, to motivate and increase staff retention

The Benefits

  • Improved visitor experience & care
  • Safer visitor, staff and stakeholder environment
  • Customer Care Agents able to assist with more tasks
  • Reducing a 27% employee turnover rate down to 9%
  • 100% of sites seen dramatic improvements
  • 35% of staff received promotions after training
  • Created a culture to share innovative solution ideas to combat threats, with forums across the country
  • Delivered higher percentage of hours on shop floor
  • 90% of sites saw cost savings

Following the Bentall Centre’s briefing of their aspirations to deliver a consolidated security model which merges inter-departmental functions across the centre, car parks and control room function, G4S undertook a comprehensive contract review to assess what this would look like along with a delivery plan which commenced at the beginning of April this year. The new model has achieved on average a 15% pay enhancement across frontline staff, a multi-skilled and fully trained team along with a provision to introduce a guest services team. On top of this the new model resulted in significant landlord and service charge contract efficiencies. The transition was seamless and we are already seeing an improved team culture and service delivery. Also we have seen a real difference in customer care and engagement following the extensive Customer Care training sessions. 

sam eastwood, Bentall centre director