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G4S Ireland Social responsibility

Social Responsibility

G4S is committed to building a sustainable business for our current and future stakeholders

G4S is committed to being a good corporate citizen as we believe it helps us to achieve our goals and build a sustainable business for our current and future stakeholders. We aspire to account for the economic, social and environmental impact of our business, aiming to maximise the benefits and minimise any negative impact in the areas where we can make a real difference.

Within the UK and Ireland, as the largest security company, we face a unique set of challenges and opportunities. The looking after our people section outlines our labour practices and how we support the health, wellbeing, training and development of our employees. 

We also work closely with communities, the police and justice services in order to reduce the number of attacks on our employees and criminal activity in the community at large. The supporting the community page showcase some of our community engagement programmes as well as our efforts to help build safer communities wherever we operate. 

Climate change has become a critical issue in recent years and is a key concern of our stakeholders. The protecting the environment section outlines what we are doing to improve the environmental performance of all our businesses across the UK and Ireland. 

Lastly the supply chain management section shows how we are starting to work with our suppliers to make sure that they are delivering the objectives outlined in our policy.

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