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Motor Distributors Limited

Motor Distributors Limited and G4S: a trusted relationship
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Motor Distributors Limited's partnership with G4S illustrates the many benefits of a trusted, effective working relationship. Supported by the G4S cleaning team MDL's headquarters are maintained to a very high standard, as is necessary of the high-end sector MDL operates in. A separate security contract means the group's premises are protected by G4S's experienced security team.  

MDL , the official importer and distributor of Mercedes Benz vehicles and parts in Ireland, is based in the Naas Road, Dublin 12 and employs 400 people nationwide. Through a core team of nine G4S provides daily office and industrial cleaning at the group's head office. As a multi-service provider, G4S also provides MDL with a range of security services, including manned guarding and monitoring.

The group's relationship with G4S has evolved over the past 20 years, with the G4S team becoming valued members of the MDL group, according to Ron Stanger, Group Purchasing Manager with MDL.

Efficient team garner company-wide respect

While the G4S cleaning team's duties are primarily focused in MDL's Naas Road headquarters, occasionally they are requested to clean the group's premises in Dublin City Centre. According to Ron, the G4S team are specifically requested due to their efficient and thorough cleaning practices. "Our chairman will call me and request the G4S team, who have an excellent reputation throughout our company. These premises need to be kept at a very high standard and our management team put in repeat requests for G4S to handle that responsibility."

Multi-tasking team provides reliable service

As well as daily office cleaning at MDL's headquarters, Ron regularly calls upon the G4S team to perform additional tasks. "G4S cleaners played a key role at a recent high-profile event at our headquarters: they came in, kept toilets clean and fully stocked with towels and other necessary items. They even looked after the cloakroom for us, which was very helpful. It's this level of reliability that is so important to us and is a key feature of the work G4S do for us," explains Ron.

Knowledgeable staff understand specific cleaning requirements

One of the G4S cleaning team focuses on MDL's workshop, providing industrial-level cleaning in the company's busy service area. "I wish we'd employed this G4S team member ourselves; he's extremely good at his job. He comes in to our busy workshop where trucks are coming in to be serviced all day, and he cleans the whole workshop without getting in anyone's way," says Ron.

"He understands the nature of the equipment in the workshop and how it needs to be cleaned. He just gets on with the job, he doesn't need someone watching over him, he knows what needs to be done."

High standard of cleaning showcases the MDL brand.

As well as daily office cleaning, the G4S team are responsible for keeping the company's showrooms in prime condition. These showrooms are typically used for high-end functions catering for hundreds of attendees. "The appearance of our showrooms is very important; they have to look pristine.

A recent function at one of our showrooms attracted 400 people. It was a wet, miserable evening and people were eating and drinking at the event. The following day you would not have known the function had even happened, such is the standard of the G4S cleaning team."

Productive working relationship delivers results

Ron works closely with the G4S on-site supervisor, who then briefs the G4S cleaning team on any special requests or additional tasks. For Ron, the close working relationship with the supervisor is a unique benefit of the G4S partnership. "The on-site supervision from G4S is superb.

We've had four supervisors over the years and every one of them has been outstanding. I meet with the supervisor each day and brief them, they then instruct the G4S team. The process is simple and saves me a good deal of time as there is no need for a follow-up; I trust the supervisor to get the job done."

Reliable keyholders

In addition to cleaning services, G4S also provides MDL with a range of security services including patrol and response, keyholding and monitoring.  A trusted G4S security team monitor and patrol MDL's properties, efficiently dealing with alarm activation when necessary. "If there are any incidents the G4S team are the first responders; they will inform me of the situation, including dealing with false alarms. Knowing that they are monitoring our premises makes my life easier. It means I don't have to be called in in the middle of the night; the G4S team can handle any incident," says Ron.   

Static guard understands our business

MDL have had the same static guard in place at its headquarters for over 20 years and over that time he has become a valued member of staff, according to Ron. Based at a barrier at the premises' entrance, the security guard manages the daily comings and goings.

"He understands our business, knows who's coming in, who's going out and is very diligent about who he lets on the premises. We have numerous deliveries and collections every day, which need to be dealt with, as well as the occasional need to protect the premises against unwanted guests. We rely on him to protect our premises," says Ron.  

G4S are part of the MDL team

With such a long-term contract, the G4S team have become "part of the furniture" at MDL, according to Ron. "We've known the team for a long time and continuity is important to us. Our staff are used to the G4S personnel and the G4S team understand our staff's needs. For example, they know when to go into an office, and understand when not to go into an office. This in-depth knowledge is important and makes for an easy relationship," Ron concludes.