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Go Green Campaign

G4S extended its “Go Green” Campaign to “Paperless Toll” Initiative

New Delhi/Gurgaon, August 27th, 2010: G4S India as a part of its Go Green Initiative promoted the concept of “Paperless Toll” in association with an NGO called “Haryali”.

The Initiative was launched by Mr. David I. Hudson, MBE, Regional President, G4S NAMESA, Ms. Rupal Sinha, Regional Managing Director, Indian Subcontinent and Mr. Zak Parkar, Regional HR Director, G4S NAMESA at Gurgaon-Delhi Toll plaza at NH-8.

Mr. David I. Hudson, MBE, Regional President said, “As an ethical global employer, G4S is committed to contribute towards the well-being of the communities and environment we operate in. With regards to the environment, G4S takes a multi-pronged approach to reduce waste and conserve the environment. The Paperless Toll initiative is a simple and creative initiative which will help us achieve both these objectives in an unobtrusive manner”.

Ms. Rupal Sinha, Regional Managing Director said, ““The world may not get rid of paper entirely - but every effort should be made to minimize its use. Safe, Secure and Green Environment is fundamental to our existence. Therefore, with the rising global warming, every step that each one of us can take to preserve the environment by adopting eco-friendly measures will contribute and make a difference."

Mr. Zak Parkar, Regional HR Director said, “As the second largest private employer in the world and with an employee base of almost 600,000 across the globe, G4S can make a huge contribution to the betterment of environment. Along with creating thousands of jobs, I am glad that we are initiating this Paperless Toll initiative through which thousands of trees will be saved in near future. This is in line with our policy of creating a safer and greener work environment.”

G4S India feels that it is our moral responsibility to restore our environment by planting more trees and simultaneously adopting Eco-friendly Practices to reduce usage of plant products like paper. Paperless toll is one such idea. Toll receipts are useful only for those who have to keep a record or submit these for reimbursement, for others this is just a waste. As per a survey, every year almost 20,000 trees are cut to make these papers used in the form of toll receipt.

By issuing toll receipts only to users who required them, we will be able to save almost 90 to 95% of present paper usage in India.

Some toll plazas in Delhi provide paper receipt only on request. G4S is starting this initiative to implement same practice at the International Airport Toll, Gurgaon Toll & Manesar Toll. With the implementation of this initiative, several thousands of trees can be saved every year. The added benefit for the same are:


  • Savings on the cost of paper rolls
  • Savings on printing and electricity cost
  • Reduction in waiting time at toll plazas which will save fuel and our foreign exchange
  • Smooth drive and less traffic jam at toll gates, which mean convenience to people and less pollution

G4S India appeals to you all “To take toll receipt only when required”; this will be a great initiative to help in stopping the wastage of paper.

Your presence is a source of encouragement to all of us at G4S supporting the causes. Request all of you to help us spread this awareness.