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G4S E-Library Project For Tihar Inmates

The E-Library project focuses on Inmates of Tihar Female Jail.

The E-Library project focuses on inmates of Tihar Female Jail No. 6A who are confined to the four walls of the prison.  The E-Library will be able to engage more than 600 women inmates by its useful and interesting content and encourage literacy among the women inmates of Tihar Prison while providing them with quality content to read for their motivation and engagement.

Reading a good book has a positive influence on a person.  The books will also be helpful in giving them a broader prospective on subjects such as Politics, Society, Poetry, Stories, Rights, Creativity, and Vocational leaning etc.
The joint efforts of India Vision Foundation and G4S alongwith Tihar administration will  bring positive changes in the lives of female inmates in Tihar.