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Interview Ashok Bajpai

Interview Ashok Bajpai,Managing Director,G4S Corporate Service (India) Pvt. Ltd

The clip is an interview with Mr. Ashok Bajpai, Managing Director, G4S Corporate Service (India) Pvt Ltd. It mentions that, a quarter of century ago Group 4 Securicor first set foot in India and changed the manned guarding panorama on every perceptible level. It heralded an unprecedented transformation in the manned guarding segment, and is largely instrumental in the making of an industry with a force that is 7 million strong. Today, G4S India boasts a company strength that tops 130, 000 and has a new man at the helm as Managing Director- Mr. Ashok Bajpai. You can access the full magazine by the link below.

Hit the Link & Enjoy Reading IndiaSAFE January 2015 - Online Flip Version