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Smart City initiative should not create disintegrated non-inclusive cities

Smart City initiative should not create disintegrated, non-inclusive cities, cautions Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs (A&S India)

The article is on the FICCI’s Homeland Security 2015 conference on the theme ‘ Safe & Smart Cities’. P. Bhattacharya, the Chairman of Parliamentary standing committee, Home Affairs spoke at the conference where Bhattacharya declared that there has been little pondering over the inclusiveness of different sections of society in a ‘Smart City’ and therefore it was imperative to ensure that ‘Smart City’ should not lead to withering of a common sense of belonging to the nation by creating isolated island of disintegrated cities. Let ‘Smart Nation’ futuristic goal of this novel endeavor” The story quoted Mr. Ashok Bajpai, Managing Director, G4S India as saying, “let us not reinvent the wheel, we should learn from countries like Singapore, UK, and U.S. the implementation of best practices. In London, for example there are over 17000 cameras installed after 2005 bombing. It is one of the densest cities in terms of security. In India too we need greater public-private partnership to ensure this kind of implementation of smart infrastructure. It is all about the collaboration between government infrastructure and smart people at all levels.”

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