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S. NO. Particulars/Details Description
1 Name of the Establishment G4S Facility Services (I) Pvt. Ltd
2 Address of the Establishment (Registered Office) C-16, Community Centre JanakPuri New Delhi -110058
3 Address of the Establishment (Branch Office) R-546, 1st Floor, Main Shankar Road, 
New Rajender Nagar, 
New Delhi-110 060
4 Nature of work for which Contract Workmen employed Housekeeping Services/Chauffeur/Maintenance/Corporate/ Utility Services
5 Name of the Proprietor / Partner / Director / Managing Director Capt Praveen Kumar Roy
6 Date of Starting of Business 1995
7 Date of Initial agreement with the PE & contactor (working since with PE) N/A
8 Mobile No. of PE/Contractor 11-43171000
9 E-mail ID of PE /Contractor
10 Website Address of Organization
11 Registration under the Registration Act, 1908 N/A
12 Registration under partnership Act, 1932 N/A
13 Registration under the Companies Act, 1956 CINU67120DL1999PTC102278
14 Registration No. under the Delhi Shops & Establishment Act, 1954 2013014969
15 Registration under the Factories Act (for PE) N/A
16 Registration No. of Employee ESI Act 1948 11000255630001000
17 Registration No. EPF and Misc. Provisions Act, 1952 DL/18835
18 Service Tax Registration No.  AABCG8346BST001
19 Sale Tax Registration No.  07952014397
20 Pan Card No.  AABCG8346B
21 Name/Address of website


S. No. Type of Workmen Category of Workmen Minimum Wages Payable
1 House Boy/House Lady/Gardner Un-Skilled 9048/- p.m-
2 Supervisor/TELECALLER/Head Gardner Skilled 10998/- p.m.
3 Facility Manager Highly Skilled 40000/- p.m.


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Attendance Sheet (April - 2015)
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Salary Sheet (April - 2015)
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Salary Sheet (July -2015)
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ESI Challan (April - 2015)
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ESI Challan (May - 2015)
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PF Challan (April- 2015)
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