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Bespoke Security Solutions

Bespoke Security Solutions
Bespoke Security

Bespoke Security Solutions

We understand that each of our customers has unique and distinct requirements.

Our approach is to study the customer environment and behavior to design an exclusive solution that meets the requirement while adding value and reducing costs. We, at G4S Security Systems, provide 360 degree approach to lifecycle management for their needs and providing the highest quality of holistic management supported by resourceful and customer-centric solutions. 

Project Management:  Our project management philosophy is to provide our project managers with the authority and resources necessary to meet our customers’ expectations, this strategy helps us understand our customers better and establish a policy of cooperation to get projects completed in the most effective manner.

  •  Technology Refresh: We ensure that your premises and assets are subject to repeated review against current threats and that the installed technology is updated to match changing scenarios.
  • Risk Consulting: We offer a risk consulting capability, enabling customers to develop resilience to business risk.
  • Customer needs Analysis: We work in collaboration with our customers to establish a clear link between corporate objectives and current capabilities, highlighting areas where variances occur.
  • Systems design: Our solution design team will move the project from the drawing board to the site, culminating in a fully operating system.
  • Systems Integration: As a product-agnostic integrator, we specialize in sophisticated turnkey projects.
  • Construction & Installation: We provide turnkey services following industry best practice project management principles to integrate disparate systems into a user friendly solution.
  • Commissioning & Training: We perform acceptance testing, systems integration configuration provision of equipment and simulation tests - all the steps necessary to assure the whole system
    is performing to its maximum potential.
  • Operations & Maintenance: Our operations team provides service to both G4S and third party installed systems.
  • Review: Our quality management approach focuses on prevention by exploring quality issues at the project’s outset to prevent and minimize cost and schedule concerns to the job progresses.



While we have all the benefits of being a global organisation – proficiency, spread, knowledge and scalability – we make it a point of working with our clients to ensure a cultural fit of our businesses and people at a local level.