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Hospital and Healthcare

Ensuring the safety, security and welfare of patients, visitors and personnel in an "open-door" environment

Hospital and Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are some of the most active public places in India, and since most facilities want to maintain an open-door policy, they are vulnerable to criminal activity if left unprotected.

The unique challenges of protecting patients, employees and property while maintaining privacy and continuity of care in an open environment requires a partner with the experience and ability to work with all levels and sizes of healthcare facilities to create security programs that fit unique budgets, layouts, and security needs.

G4S works with clients to address specific healthcare security needs with cost-effective programs. Our security officers are not only ranked No. 1 in reliability, ethics, speed of response and adherence to rules and procedures but are also trained to recognize and understand the unique customer environment 
In addition to the manned guards, G4S also has electronic security, video surveillance and fire safety solutions for healthcare industry. Our comprehensive security package is designed to protect staff, patients, premises and assets. 

Hygiene and orderliness are two key elements of a successful healthcare delivery and happy customers.  G4S Facility Services is a “one-stop-shop " for all kinds of facility services, ranging from general house-keeping and pantry services to support staff.  We have trained and vetted facility management staff to make your premises safe, clean and enjoyable.

G4S is fully committed to being "Total Quality" service, which is benchmarked by providing professionally trained & high calibre personnel in conformity with our International Standards to deliver value-added services.