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Range of Services


Range of Services

Truck Tracking

If you own a business that utilizes a fleet of trucks to deliver goods/employees all across the country e.g. call centres, cash in Transit vans, Grocery chains, fast food franchises etc, our real time truck tracking system can help you control and manage your fleet of trucks. It is a perfect solution for your business to reduce operational costs and increase profits.

Fleet Management

A large number of businesses such as Taxi services, School, Bus, Fire & Ambulance services, utility companies, courier service providers etc have to invest heavily in a fleet of vehicles that are the backbone of these industries. Logically this investment needs to be protected and managed as efficiently as possible. G4S SecureTrak is an international leader in the field of Fleet management systems

Car Tracking

Buying a car is probably the second biggest investment next to your home. It makes sense to protect your investment at a small cost from Car Theft.

Solution Components
1. G4S SecureTrak


Do you know where your goods in transit are?

  • Your own Internet based control room for Real-Time Tracking of your fleet/goods live at all India level using high resolution digital maps
  • Efficient dispatch planning of your closest resource to site of incidence
  • 24x7 monitoring by G4S control room providing 'Safety & Security' of Employees and Assets

Basic Monitoring – Location, Speed, Trip Trace, etc.

Advanced Monitoring – Geo Fence/Unauthorised Exit, Over Speeding, Driver Identification.

Alarm signal is generated at select situations like misuse/theft etc which is transmitted via GPRS/GSM to the Central Monitoring Station either automatically from the vehicle or by manually pressing the emergency button. At the monitoring station, the controller ascertains the nature of emergency & initiates response.


Telephonic Response

  • To owner approved contacts/Emergency services like Ambulance/ Fire Services, etc regarding Impact/ Panic/ Unauthorised exit/ diversion / over speeding (optional)
  • Satisfy inquiries with accurate information status

Online Response

  • Fleet Management Reports e.g. Trip Details, Fleet Utilisation, Driver Reports, Fuel and Zone Management, Accident Reconstruction (Optional)

Onsite Response by G4S control room

  • Remote Immobilisation of the defaulting vehicle
  • Dispatch of response personnel to the site (Optional)