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Inhouse Training

Inhouse Training

The training team has access to international experience, well equipped resource centres and training academies across the globe to deliver world class training.

The team provides training not only to G4S employees but also to other clients.

We provide training at three levels:

  • Security Officers
  • Middle level Officers
  • Senior level Executives

Certified Protection Officer (CPO) Training:

Security Industry has matured and come of age. The Concept of Professional Security Service has shifted from Preventive to Asset Protection & Site Response. G4S, as a leading Security Solutions Provider, has collaborated with International Foundation for Protection Officers, Florida, USA, to provide the CPO programme in India. Our identified guard forces receive one month training and then are to appear in a structured test for evaluation of learning.

Thereafter, the successful candidates are certified by IFPO, Florida. This renders them as a superior and distinct security services as compared to the normal guard force. The clients have a definite preference for the CPOs.