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Integrated security systems

G4S Integrated Security Solutions offers solutions for all kinds of electronic security, video surveillance and fire safety needs of businesses. We are able to provide a comprehensive security package, designed to protect your staff, premises and assets.

Alarm Monitoring and Response System
G4S Malawi offers three types of alarms- panic, intruder and fire alarm systems. The panic button lets you notify emergency services or  the community police of an intrusion.  The intruder alarm goes a long way to deterring an intruder from even attempting entry to your premises. The Alarm Monitoring & Response service is provided by G4S in respect to Intruder and/ or Fire Alarm Systems to detect intrusions and/or fire at your premises- monitoring and taking appropriate measures once an alarm signal has been sounded. 

Access Control System
Includes biometric reader and card reader systems

Surveillance Systems
State of the Art Surveillance
IP Based
Recording and Backup
Facial Recognition

Electric Fences
Our electric fences are monitored by the same VHF transmitters, allowing us to respond to attempted intrusions, even if it is only due to cut wires and shorted cables. In addition, a back-up battery is supplied in the energizer to keep the electric fence running and securing your premise for up to 24hours during a power outage.
These systems outweigh the razor wire technology second-to-none due to the efficiency and ability of being monitored. It offers both physical and visible deterrent and can protect not just lives but property within the fence, such as generators, gas canisters and AC units.

Fire Detection Systems
G4S are experts in all aspects of fire and security systems from design through to supply, installation and maintenance. We operate quality driven processes and are market leaders in providing fire and security solutions, protecting everything from small offices and schools to large multi-national organisations and high security Government facilities.

Vehicle Tracking System

Whether you need a fleet management solution or simply wish for your vehicle to be protected, our product will allow reports and management control at your fingertips via online software from the comfort of your home or office, in Malawi or abroad. Our tracking unit will show your vehicle location, driver behaviour and includes a fuel probe.

Guard Monitoring Unit
This technology allows monitoring of guard patrols in real-time. The unit will send data to up to 10 mobile numbers in addition to the G4S control room and your personal mobile number.