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Manned security

Our extensive collection of security solutions is packaged to suit the various requirements of customers.
manned security

We have the following manned guarding security solutions:

Commissionaire (Commercial officer)
Commissionaires are a special group of manned guarding security personnel, who are trained to look after executive and banking sites. 
G4S Malawi realised the need of maximum security in the banking hall and its surroundings to avoid instances of people getting robbed while making their transactions. Apart from being specialist in identifying and defusing potential threats, our commissionaires are also trained to provide assistance of some basing banking procedures. 

Security Officer
Our officers are alert, well-presented and are trained to keep attackers at bay.

K9 Unit
G4S employs experienced, intelligent and flexible dog/handler teams. G4S trains and deploys general purpose dog/handler teams to meet your business requirements, whether guarding your premises or protecting a handler from intruders.

Close protection

Provides personal protection to VIP and other individuals on travel or at their premises.

G4S is able to offer tailored, holistic Secure Mobility and Close Protection solutions that address our clients’ safety and facilitates their ability to confidently conduct their business activities. G4S offers a full range of Secure Mobility & Close Protection services which are tailored to address our client’s specific risk profile and requirements, mitigate potential travel risks, and respect local culture and protocol.