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CSR in Papa New Guinea

G4S PNG’s CSR progress gains strength each year as the company grows. Our Meri Safeline and Safe City Programmes in partnership with NCDC and managed through our NOC is an absolute standout amongst business houses reminding all stake holders that we are part of a greater community – that we are PNG.
G4S Staff

G4S PNG strength lies in its employees. The Governments recent policy to raise the minimum wage of the people of Papua New Guinea only had support from the company as G4S made sure that all employees were not payed beneath the allowed wage, a remarkable achievement of which will continue for the next two years. Every employee of G4S PNG also contributes to a superannuation which they can access upon retirement.   

All Security personnel are trained to a high level of compliance and competence in their roles – this is G4S PNG’s way of making sure our service is carried out efficiently, professionally and that our guards and services are well equipped to handle any random situation.  We are in the business of safety and that is paramount for all staff and individuals concern – Securing your world should not be just our slogan but taken as gospel.

Equal Opportunity and Non-Discriminatory Employer? Yes, we are! There is no finer example than our physically challenged employee Gireh Ginituah who has been with the company since the 1st of July 2005. Gireh epitomises no limitation. It is impressive to watch how this gentleman carries out he’s duty on a daily basis.

G4S PNG continues to give a helping hand to the less fortunate in trying times. Rosa Nege, (daughter of William Nege a G4S Guard) lone athlete representing PNG at the World Winter Sports Special Olympics in Korea (29 Jan – 09 Feb, 2013). Ms Nege a Para-Olympian became the recipient of G4S merchandise, sporting gears along with finances contributed by staff members to help her course. The teary and grateful father was quoted to say “The greatest applause is about the last athlete and not the first”. The Firm in 2014 also contributed to the Child Fund by sponsoring a hole in its golf tournament and SCRUM Inc. in Lae. We continue to donate blood every year through the Corporate Blood Drive and recently an auction of some old home items was held of which monies raised will be given to a worthy charity.