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Security Solutions

Security guarding service is the core service line of G4S.

Security guarding service is the core service line of G4S. 

The majority of our global workforce of 600,000+ is made up of our guards. It is a high profile service and is the major reason why G4S is one of the top three if not the top largest private sector employers of the world.

 A significant fact! G4S PNG offers an extensive range of security solutions and services throughout the nation.

These include: 

  • K9 Patrol
  • Aviation Security
  • Event Security
  • Maritime Security
  • Security Systems
  • Armoured Services
  • Secure Monitoring Services
  • Emergency Response
  • Manned Security
  • Security Officers
  • Security Escorts
  • K9 handlers
  • Uniformed Drivers
  • Four levels of Security Supervision 

The generic term used for this service is 'Manned Security Service' or MSS for short. We provide trained personnel to guard premises, people and objects and we do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Guarding can be thought of as the building block of the 'Security Solution(s)' we provide to our clients. it can be provided as a stand-alone service, or combined with other service lines in the MSS space, specialised skills such as VIP protection, Escort, 24hours manned Control Room, Security drivers etc... Guarding services can be provided as part of a suite of services combining one or more disciplines such as the Electronic Security Systems or Cash Services.