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Manned security officer

Join us to make the world a safer place to live.

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After decades of waiting, the Private Security Law was finally passed in 2017. Among other things, this Law defines who and under what conditions can engage in the activity of private security, which includes mandatory licensing of both security companies and Security Officers. In addition to licensing, the Law clearly defines scope of authority of the security service while performing security activities, which clearly delineates the role of the private and public security sector in the Republic of Serbia. Private security does not have the same authority as members of the Ministry of Interior, but there are certain principles in common.

Each G4S security officer has a License to perform basic security officer duties - without weapons or a License to perform specialist security officer duties - with weapons; he has undergone the necessary training and knows how to react in the right way in every situation - in accordance with the Law on Private Security.

Our company organizes all the trainings you need to get a license.

Professionalism and expertise, reliability, readiness to work in crisis situations, readiness to provide assistance at any time… these are some of the qualities that each of our current team members has and future team members should have. Some of the other features are constant vigilance, strict adherence to prescribed procedures and work instructions and certainly self-control and composure when an incident occurs, so that their actions or inactions do not lead to serious consequences.

If you find yourself in everything written and want to do a dynamic job that allows you to thrive, while guaranteeing a secure income, sign up!

In addition to regular earnings, bonus is always possible. There are benefits too!

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