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G4S Academy - learning common security language

Marko Šukilović, CPP - G4S Academy Strategic Solution Specialist
G4S Academy


A term that unequivocally tells to us, who are part of that noble and insufficiently valued branch, that we do good with our work, that for a certain compensation we take risks to preserve what is valuable to someone, that we have an important role and a great responsibility to secure that the normal business of protected clients takes place on a daily basis. We are "good guys".


But every story has two sides - so there is another angle that relentlessly views security as - we quote some of the statements - "the largest item of expenditure", "net cost", "part of the problem instead of part of the solution", "no idea what to do”, ”it is more expensive to have it than not to have it”...“security is a necessary evil”. We are "bad guys".


How to reconcile these diametrically opposed views? How to justify the existence and role of security? What does it take for a security service user to stop seeing security as a cost but as an investment?

Such a thing requires a complete restart, but not only in the attitudes of the clients. We, the security experts, must first change our approach by speaking a security language that clients will understand and then adopt. Clients don’t do anything wrong, they just state what they see and hear; we are the ones who do not state what we see and hear and do not communicate in the right way - that is why we do not understand each other. 

We do not speak the same language of security!

When both parties use the same language to express their needs and then respond to them, then the significance of the item "security" will speak for itself.


The mentioned restart was initiated by G4S. The famous discipline of Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) is a strategic approach to security management that connects the security practices of the organization with its overall strategy, using globally established and accepted principles of risk management. G4S Security Risk Management Model has been created based on it, which helps us create, adapt and develop security risk management and risk reduction programs with our clients. Such programs perfectly suit their individual needs and environments.


The model is very clear and simple - it’s based on three questions that are the essence of the role of any security:

  • What do I need to protect?
  • What do I need to protect it from?
  • How can I most effectively protect it?

Accompanying tools have been created to help answer the key questions above in a comprehensive, systematic and holistic way so that we have a unique way to speak with our clients that much-needed COMMON security language.

G4S Value Radar is a tool that help us identify the overall contribution of security to a client’s business. It also provides an opportunity to compare business strategies with security investment choices and assess the impact of each on business.

G4S Risk Radar makes it easier for organizations to identify current threats, as well as define threats that the organization should try to eliminate or prevent.

G4S Security Radar provides security professionals with clear insights into the organization's security capabilities. It provides "360-degree" diagnostics to identify areas where security is lagging behind and can help determine the resources needed to improve an organization's resilience.

G4S Academy

Using a Value, Risk and Security assessment approach brings significant benefits to our clients:

1. Provides our customers security leaders and teams with a common business language and mindset - helps with decision-making around security needs.

2. Moves the security function from a reactive to a proactive approach.

3. Adds objectivity to the decision making process, presenting factual and data-driven results, based on identified risks.

4. Helps organizations implement continuous improvement programs for their security functions.

5. Optimizes the efficiency of limited resources so that the right solution can mitigate the greatest risks on the most critical assets.

Change has been initiated.

Our G4S Security Risk Management model is a translator that allows us to understand and agree on the topic and the role of security in the noble mission of protecting your values.

It is time for us to start speaking the same language.

We're listening to you.

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