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For some companies, today's world is a less dangerous place. Why would you take the risk yourself?
Cash in transit

G4S provides cash collection, sorting money, serving and ATM maintenance services.

Cash Processing is one of the most important parts of the Cash Handling services we provide to our customers (banks, retail shops etc.)

G4S allows its customers to optimize cash flows, as well as the time-value of their cash. In addition, we decrease our customers’ direct cash handling risks and costs.

Cash Processing is a very significant part of banking and trading sectors, requiring huge engagement of time and manpower.

Cash Processing includes: cash collection, counting, sorting process *(sorting to cash in circulation and cash for exchange); ATM services (counting, filling strongboxes, replenishment). By outsourcing cash processing services to a company like G4S, banks are relieved of the obligation to have proprietary vaults and have an opportunity to significantly reduce the number of employees in the vaults.

Retail shops are relieved of their need to carry the cash from the retail site to the bank on a daily basis. This leads to decrease of risks of robbery and benefits in time-saving in delivering the cash to the bank etc.

Every consignment is insured which provides our customers with complete peace of mind.