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Electronic Security solutions

G4S is the market leader in providing fully integrated technology based security solutions.
Electronic Security

G4S employs technical specialists who provide solution-driven systems ranging from CCTV and intruder detection, to time and attendance, and access control. 

Our services include:

Alarm Systems

G4S monitors both panic and intruder alarm systems from our Control Room. 

The Panic Alarm System includes 24hr monitoring and response to all alarm activations. The panic system is simple to operate and offers a highly effective deterrent. At the push of a button the panic system allows you or the guards to call for immediate assistance to deal with any emergency. 

The Intruder Alarm System is an automated system that once armed does not rely on human intervention to protect property or lives. In the event of an intrusion to a protected area, the system immediately sends a signal to the Control Room.
The response team will instantly be dispatched to your location to protect you and apprehend intruders. 

Electric Fence System

Our electric fences are monitored by the same VHF transmitters allowing us to respond to attempted intrusion due to cut wires. 

These systems outweigh the razor wire technology second-to-none due to the efficiency and ability of being monitored. 

Access Control Systems

Access control is the answer to knowing who is in a client’s premises and when, enabling them to limit entry to those staff and visitors entitled to having access. An access system acts as a visible deterrent, whether fitted to a single entrance or widely applied to a site with multiple doors and different access zones.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

From Stand-alone to fully net-workable Digital Video Recorders (DVR's) to off-site real-time Monitoring, we'll have your premise under surveillance with high quality and durable products. 

We also provide various maintenance plans for different size CCTV installations. 

Whatever your needs are, day or night, near or far, we have the solution for you. 

Fire detection

G4S supplies, installs and maintains a wide range of Fire Systems and Equipment from reputable manufacturers.

Alarm & Detection Systems

These are electronic, manual or automatic systems that provide early warning of a fire by detecting the source of the fire and creating an alarm.