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Cash Solutions

G4S Cash Solutions offer a myriad of solutions to a diverse customer base. We are able to provide bespoke solutions to enhance the security around cash and its movements; enabling business’s to focus on their core activities. 
Cash van

With an unrivalled geographic footprint and first-hand knowledge and experience in Cash management, G4S Tanzania is the preferred cash related service provider across the country. G4S Cash division offers: 

Cash consultancy: Provision of consultancy services on overall cash management strategy, and security in all aspects of the cash cycle. Reducing risk to employees, customers and assets.

Secure Storage (Vaulting): Provision of vaulting services for valuables and data. 

Teller Services: Provision of implant tellers or mobile tellers for the purpose of cash and cheque collections at retail or financial facilities. 

Cash Management: Provision of high security cash centres, managing cash on behalf of financial institutions and retailers, including secure transportation, counting and reconciling cash, fitness sorting of notes, counterfeit detection, redistribution of cash into branch networks, ATM networks, retail customers and the Central Bank.
ATM Management:  Managing ATMs on behalf of banks, retailers and independent ATM providers – including cash forecasting, cash transportation cash replenishment, first line maintenance, and reconciliation services.

Deposita: An end to end cash management solution which can be tailored to fit the diversity of client requirements such as different store sizes and business objectives. Our solutions are proven across a range of businesses and sectors.  

International Transportation: Bespoke international transportation and insurance of currency, gems and other valuables.
Cash and Valuables Transportation: Secure transportation of cash and valuables using high security vehicles operated by fully vetted and trained staff.