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Iraq: Keeping the world secure in the pandemic

Here we continue our series of articles that point the spotlight on G4S people who are keeping the world safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, this time visiting the Middle East...

IRAQ | Mohammed Al Sadi

As the world has tightened restrictions on air travel, the number of people travelling by plane has fallen. The need for security around airports, however, remains the same: those who need to travel in the pandemic are often those with the greatest need.

At the entrance of Baghdad’s International Airport, Mohammed helps keep travellers secure.

“I work at Baghdad airport in security,” he said. “I check paperwork required to enter the airport, also passenger information, and badges for everyone entering.

“I need to ensure passengers are kept safe while entering the airport and they have a safe trip.”

Mohammed is a friendly face for those arriving, but even he has had to change how he interacts with his colleagues and the people he knows.

“I no longer greet people with hugs or shake hands,” he said. “We have to keep extra clean and maintain space between us all.”