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Risk Consulting and advisory services

G4S Risk Consulting is an integral part of G4S, operating across its entire international network.

We meet our clients’ varied, complex and changing needs by delivering first-class insight and analysis to secure environments, people, data and assets.

Our industry-leading expertise is supported by our ability to mobilise the best people in the industry – specialists in everything from threat and risk mitigation to cyber security.  As central hub within G4S, we have access to a vast range of international resources, meaning we can operate both globally and locally. This means we are uniquely equipped to assess and manage challenging scenarios like no other organisation in our sector.

Around the clock and around the globe, Risk Consulting at G4S provides exceptional strategy to meet extraordinary challenges.

Technology solutions:  
G4S is a market leader in providing fully integrated building security solutions 
Purchasing a security solution is not just a one-off acquisition but rather a significant long term investment where relationships need to be built. By choosing an integrated building security system you have peace of mind that your expectations will be met and we will continue to understand and react to your needs throughout the lifetime of the system.
G4S provides a wide range of tailored solutions, including Access Control, CCTV, Identity management, Alarm monitoring, Visitor Management, Biometric Technologies and more.
By incorporating technology into your building security you will see greater cost efficiencies and enhanced productivity. Technology can enhance protection beyond that of a security officer and replace their more routine tasks to deliver greater efficiencies. 

We pride ourselves in innovatively work with our customers to assure that our security products and services are integrated successfully with our customers’ systems, meeting and in most cases, exceeding our customers’ requirements.