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Who we are

G4S  Egypt  Headquarters  is  located  in  Cairo  with  8  eight  branch  offices  in  all  the  major cities  of  the Republic  of  Egypt. We are currently employing  over than 7,840 employees  covering  a broad spectrum of services that  include  Manned  Security  Guarding,  Security  Systems, Risk  Assessment  and  Consulting  in addition  to  different  facility  operations  and  maintenance services.

We are using our global expertise and our local knowledge in the assessment and management of security and safety risks for buildings, infrastructure, materials, valuables, people and society.

G4S Egypt is a member of the  British  Egyptian  Business  Association  and  the  Egyptian Chamber  of  Commerce  &  Industry  since 2001.

G4S Egypt  is  mandated  to  provide  security  solutions  in  line  with  G4S PLC  directives  and  mandates  for policy  and  procedures  –  G4S  has  named  the  approach  as  “The  G4S  Way‟  –  incorporating  an array of  internal  governance  processes: ISO,  VPSHR, UN Regulations and a range of compliance based  procedures  for managing  simple  to  complex  operations that ultimately direct the business to deliver a managed, quality controlled and professional service to its clients.

G4S is the world’s leading  international  security  solutions  group,  which  specializes  in  outsourced business  processes in sectors  where  security and  safety risks  are  considered  a  strategic  threat.

We develop long-term strategic partnerships with customers in key sectors where we can help them to deliver their own business objectives through either increasing their revenues, reducing costs, managing risks, protecting critical assets or improving their service delivery to the customers they serve

G4S has operations in more than 130 countries and 625,000 employees.

The  Group  is  also  continuously  training  its  600,000  employees  in  the  latest  developments  in security operations as well as being actively involved in the development of  security processes to counter both terrorist  and  criminal  threats  with  Communications,  security  associations,  manufacturers and academic and strategic organizations.

In the Africa Region, G4S is one of the largest sector employers and the largest security company in Africa. G4S is also the only private security company in Africa that has ever been awarded Top Employer certification.

We therefore have a very important role to play in our African communities. We make a difference by helping people to operate in a safe and secure environment where they can thrive and prosper.  We believe this role can only grow in importance Manned Security Services.

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Slavery and Human trafficking statement  

Our Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement describes the actions we have taken to help prevent modern slavery.

Clare Spottiswoode

G4S sustainability Report 2020

Our approach to corporate social responsibility is now firmly embedded in our business processes, from employee recruitment and supplier management to bidding and contract delivery. 

CSR Report