Processing your cash

We don't just get your money to the bank. We get it straight into your account
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Processing your cash

At G4S we know how important it is to get your cash processed as quickly as possible.That's why we take pride in having the most efficient network of cash centres in the UK & Ireland.

We already process a third of the UK's & Ireland's total cash spend for the major high street banks. When you combine Cash Processing with our Cash in Transit service, there really is no more efficient way to get money from your till to your bank account.

What's in it for you?

Faster credit

Because of our high-speed processing system, your money gets credited to your bank account fast. We enable the banks to process your money which is then credited to your account the next working day

Safer process

From the moment we touch your cash it's our responsibility. We're also a member of the Note Circulation Scheme (NCS) the regulatory framework set by the Bank of England. Our process is completely secure and properly managed; it's why so many banks work with us.

 Flexible collections

We have the biggest network of cash centres, and the biggest fleets, in the UK & Ireland. So we can arrange collections quickly for the whole of your organisation at times that suit you. Our flexible systems also mean we can provide you with detailed reports on any of your sites.


As our cash centres are highly efficient, our administration and processing costs are kept low and we pass on the savings to you. In fact, once you've factored in less time spent away from your business, lower bank charges, lower insurance premiums and all the other benefits of your G4S service, it's a hugely efficient way of managing your money.

Your money, our responsibility

Many of our customers combine our cash processing with our cash transportation services. That means from the moment your cash leaves the till, we look after it for you:

We take it to one of our cash centres across the UK & Ireland, where our expert teams validate and count the bank notes, coins and cheques.

We report back to you so you can reconcile it against your records.

The money then gets credited directly into your bank account.

Quick.Safe. Done.  

“The  cash handling solution we receive from G4S are essential for our large events. From planning to processing the customer service we receive has been first class .”

Reece Miller, Director, FSTVL, event customer, big music festival
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