Transporting your cash

If your business relies on cash, you'll know the importance of getting it from A to B. Particularly if B is the bank.
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Transporting your cash

At G4S we collect and deliver cash for thousands of organisations, big and small. We're actually the largest cash services company in the UK & Ireland.

It means our fleet of armoured vehicles can pick up and drop off cash wherever you need. It's faster, more flexible and safer than taking it to bank yourself and because it frees up your time, it's much more cost-efficient than you might think.

What's in it for you?

Faster for you

Getting cash picked up and delivered can save a huge amount of time. You don't need to count it or sort it. You don't need someone to queue up at the bank and because we work so closely with all the UK & Ireland banks, your money gets credited to your account faster than delivering it yourself.

Safer for your employees

From the moment we touch your cash it's our responsibility. There's no risk to you and there's no need to put employees at risk by asking them to carry cash to the bank. Our vehicles are also the most sophisticated in the industry. They're constantly monitored by our National Control Centre. We have all the latest technology to keep your money safe and our security professionals are the best in the business.

Flexible collections

Because we have the biggest fleet of armoured vehicles in the UK & Ireland, when you need your cash to be picked up and dropped off, we'll be ready to get it done. Pick a convenient time. Or give us a call.

Efficient costs

Getting cash picked up and delivered is surprisingly inexpensive. Factor in less time spent away from your business, lower bank charges, lower insurance premiums and all the other benefits of your G4S service and it's a hugely efficient way of managing your money.

Large cash deliveries? No big deal

When you need a large sum of cash on-site, that's something we can deliver too. We'll make up the amount from our secure vault: it won't come out of your bank account until the day of delivery, so the funds remain yours right up to the last minute.

Better still, it's a service you can adapt to work best for your business:

1    know when you'll need bulk cash but not sure how much? Fix your delivery day and call the day before to place your order.

2    If it's a fixed sum on a regular basis, you can set up a standing order instead

3    Or you can call our customer service team with 48 hours' notice to order a completely ad hoc delivery

“With our operational sites located on motorways we are not a typical customer and so it is essential for us to have a partner that can meet our geographical needs as well as our service requirements. G4S provide us with the service we need, where we need it and when we need it at consistently high levels. I am happy to recommend their services.” 

Director of Commercial and Loss Prevention, Roadchef Motorways Ltd

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