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Cash-in-transit: Cash Collection Service

If your business relies on safely depositing cash into a bank, you'll know the importance of secure cash collecting with a reliable cash-in-transit service
Secure cash transportation

What is cash-in-transit?

Cash-in-transit (CIT) is the secure, physical transportation of money, including banknotes and coins, from one place to another. 

Our cash collection service uses trained personnel and a fleet of armoured money transport trucks to pick up cash at your chosen location. From the moment your cash is collected and transported it's our responsibility, so you have peace of mind. 

As the largest cash collection company in the UK & Ireland, we offer convenient cash pickup times to small and large businesses all around the country.

Our cash collection service is also tailored to meet the needs of your business, meaning we'll work with you to create an individual cash collection plan.

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The benefits of Cash Collection

Depositing large amounts of cash into a bank can be daunting and dangerous. That’s why outsourcing to a cash-in-transit company can have so many advantages for you and your business. A secure cash pickup service can help you to:  

  • Save time and free up staff by eliminating taking cash to the bank 
  • Increase security and keep your employees safe by avoiding theft
  • Receive payments quicker through our fast cash collection process 
  • Save money through inexpensive costs, lower bank charges and lower insurance premiums
  • More time to spend on value add activities and improve your customer experience
  • Enjoy the convenience, flexibility and efficiency of our door-to-door money transport

Who can use G4S Cash Collection?

From small shops to large retailers, our cash-in-transit services are available to all kinds of businesses across the country.

If you're unsure whether you qualify, contact us and we'll see what we can do. 

How does cash collection work?

Setting up our money collection service couldn't be easier:

How does G4S cash collection work

Many of our customers combine cash transportation with our cash deliveries and cash processing services. That means we can deliver money in the denominations you need at the same time as collecting a deposit. And once we have made a collection, we can then take it to one of our cash centres to be counted and added to your bank account. 

If you also need cash bags to organise your denominations before we pick them up, we can help you with this, too. Simply email and request this.

To start the cash collection service, you can register here.

Your cash collection options

Our cash collection options are dependent on the amount of cash you want collected and how often you'd like to use the service. 

Once we have this information, you will either become a Cash45 customer, a Cash75 customer or a Cash200 customer. Here's the difference:

  • Cash45 customers can arrange a single collection of up to £4,500. This can include 1 x bags of coin (up to £500 total), 1 x note bag and 1 x cheque bag.  
  • Cash75 customers can arrange a single collection of up to £7,500. This can include 2 x bags of coin (up to £1,000 total), 1 x note bag and 1 x cheque bag. 
  • Cash200 customers can arrange a collection of up to £20,000 per container, plus 2 x bags of coin (up to £1,000 total) and with multiple containers collected. 

You can set up regular collections for a certain amount as a scheduled service. And if you need another collection, simply let us know and we can schedule an ad-hoc collection. 

Contact us

If you'd like to arrange a cash collection, or want to find out more about this service, get in touch by contact form, email or phone.

If your business is ready to start taking card payments, discover our card payment solutions.

Cash Collection FAQs

How far in advance can I order?

All of our cash collection services offer the ability to order a one-off service for maximum flexibility or set up a recurring service for maximum convenience. If you set up a standing order, the same amount will be collected each time. 

Cash45 Customers

You can book services up to 12 weeks in advance when you select to pay at the point of order. If you pay by Direct Debit, you may set up a continuous service.

Cash75/Cash200 Customers

We can offer services tailored to your specific requirements.

What’s the latest time I can order a cash collection service?


Assuming there is availability in your area, you can place an order up to 12:00pm the working day (Mon-Fri) before the service. However, ordering further ahead will help ensure there is still availability during your required time window.


You can place an order up to 12:00pm the working day (Mon-Fri) before the service for any ad hoc orders. Our customer service team will confirm acceptance of the service upon receipt of your instruction.

Can I cancel booked services?


You can cancel a service up until the point we reach your premises. However, a cancellation charge may apply depending on the notice period provided as outlined in our terms and conditions.


Please view your contract for details of any restrictions or charges.

Can I have more than one collection per day?
It is possible to book one collection per time window slot.
What happens if my collection is missed?

We offer market leading service levels of over 99%, but occasionally we are prevented from reaching you on schedule.

Cash45 customers

As a smaller depositor, we recognise that in the rare event that we fail to complete your service, you may choose to deposit your cash at your local bank. Therefore, we will refund any charges within two working days (if you have paid at point of order). We will also automatically issue a discount off your next order so that you can order a recovery service if required.

Cash75/Cash200 customers

As a larger depositor, we recognise that your choices are more limited. Therefore, if there is absolutely no way we can reach you on the day of service, we commit to recover all missed services the following working day.

If your crew turns up and I am not ready for my cash to be collected, what happens?

You should make sure you are prepared for your cash collection in advance of your collection slot. If your cash is not ready or your premises are not open when we arrive, we will not be able to complete the service.

You will be charged for this service and will need to rebook another collection slot.

What happens if my money is attacked?
In the unfortunate and rare occasion that we are attacked and your money is lost, we will reimburse the value.
If we haven’t answered your question get in touch by the  contact form, email, phone or visit our FAQs page for more information.

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