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Our Model of Care

Our model of care incorporates best practice from the Trauma Informed Approach, and Person-centred Care Framework.

It's a philosophy of care that we apply to everything we do. It underpins our values, guides our vision and defines our culture.

What does this mean?

We work in partnership with other organisations to deliver trauma-informed care, helping to reduce health inequalities across the communities we work within, in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. 

Core to our service delivery is G4S’ model of care; incorporating best practice from the Trauma Informed Approach, and Person-centred Care Framework. We use a regional delivery model, with an increased level of expertise, providing more victim choice, contingency and efficiency.

Delivering person-centered care involves caring for patients beyond their condition and tailoring our service to suit their individual wants and needs. It’s about respecting that they have their own views on what’s best for them, and have their own values and priorities in life.

To do this, we get to know patients as a person and actively involve them in care-related decisions. No one appreciates having decisions made for them without their input. It makes them feel like an object or task, rather than a human being with thoughts and feelings.

As its name suggests, person-centered care puts the person at the heart of their care.  We adapt our service to their expectations and preferences, not the other way around. Doing so enables patients to retain their dignity and autonomy during an already challenging time.

Here at G4S Health Services we adopt this approach with all of our patients and in every interaction with them.  We look at each patient holistically, considering not only their health needs, but their beliefs, their personalities - them as a person.