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G4S Health Services (UK) Limited is a national provider of critical primary and forensic healthcare services for the public and private sectors. We have delivered services to police forces and within secure sites throughout the UK since 2005, with customers in local government and the NHS.

G4S Health Services is unique in that we operate in all types of justice health environments: Secure, Custody and Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARC). This enables us to share learnings on a wide variety of topics, from NPS trends and assessment to better linking mental health support to the community.

Our broad business experience across Justice Healthcare Services, with custody and SARC services in particular allows us to share best practice, innovation, and expertise and support across all regions to deliver service excellence.


We are an Accountable Care Provider that actively demonstrates commitment, encouragement of ideas and support for one another and our stakeholders.

What we do individually matters and what we do together makes a positive difference to patients and clients. One team, delivering effective care each day.

We deal with complex and challenging situations constructively, with confidence that our values, processes and governance will keep us and patients safe.

We want to be recognised as an effective and progressive end-to-end justice health provider, using evidence and risk-based decision making to achieve patient-focussed outcomes.

our services


Patient Transport Services

We transport patients to and from
hospital safely, comfortably and on time. We work in partnership with NHS
Trusts for the benefit of patients and to provide a high quality service. 
Secure health

Secure Health

We deliver and accommodate clinical healthcare services in a number of secure environments across the UK.

Police Custody Healthcare

The combination of our healthcare expertise combined with our experience in frontline policing ensures we deliver the best and most appropriate services in custodial environments.
Dealing with DNA

Sexual Assault Referral Centres SARCs

Our staff are specially trained; both clinically and in dealing with sensitive subjects and vulnerable people.

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