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Police Custody Healthcare

G4S provide healthcare services within police custody suites caring for detainee health needs and supporting the collection of forensic samples.
Police Custody Healthcare

Our employees work closely with custody staff to ensure all detainees are assessed for health needs and vulnerabilities. We undertake brief health interventions, offer health promotion and disease prevention advice, and give clear signposting to community services.

Due to the time constraints within this arena the majority of cases require us to attend site to assess the detainee, victim or patient within the hour. In 2015, we achieved a 93% overall compliance against this time window.

In forensic medicine we build a patient centred model of excellence for each of our contracts. We are aware that for many, custody provides the only opportunity for health intervention due to the often chaotic lives these individuals lead.

G4S pioneered the introduction of Nurses, Paramedics and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners into custody and victim forensic management to form a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team. Our staffing structure blends a dedicated clinical team with a strong regional management team able to draw on experience across the region to deliver a service that surpasses requirements. We also have a robust Operations Management Team, with a focus on quality and standards, and are supported by a strong, highly qualified and motivated Clinical Team.

G4S provide Custody health/Forensic Medical Services on behalf of Police forces in Avon & Somerset, City of London, Cumbria, Devon and Cornwall, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. 

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