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The Services We Provide

We are CQC registered, with a proud history predominantly in Prisons, Custodies and Sexual Assault Referral Center's (SARCs).  We deliver our services in partnership with local providers, ensuring place based care and local pathways are robust. 

Our broad experience across those environments, allows us to share best practice, innovation, and expertise to deliver service excellence. 

But don't just take our word for it, see our 'news' page for information on the different awards and accolades we have achieved!  This incudes awards from the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), The UK Association of Forensic Nurses and Paramedics (UKAFNP), joint campaigns with stakehoders such as the NHS and the Ministry of Justice and much more!

We provide healthcare throughout our settings 24/7 - 365 days per year.

See below for more information.

The Healthcare Services We Provide:


Prison Healthcare Delivery

Across our prisons, we provide our patients with a full range of Primary Care Services, equivalent to those available in the wider community.  These include:

  • Access to a GP
  • Substance Misuse Services
  • Mental Health Services (both primary care and secondary care)
  • Social Care
  • End of Life Care
  • Public Health
  • Learning Disability Services
  • Nurse led Clinics, including - triage, new patient registrations and long term conditions management
  • Dentistry
  • Physiotherapy
  • Optometry
  • Podiatry

Custody Healthcare Delivery

Our healthcare team works closely with custody staff to ensure all detainees are assessed for health needs and vulnerabilities. We also conduct forensic examinations - always working within the PACE guidelines.

We have a strong focus on patient safety, as such we undertake brief health interventions, offer health promotion and disease prevention advice, and give clear signposting to community services.

We maintain excellent relationships with many referral organisations and continue to develop these to support patient after-care.   This way of working has enabled us to develop a network of specialist partners with the expertise to support a number of individual needs, e.g. substance misuse, mental health. 

We are always exploring the ways in which we can better leverage these relationships to support patients moving forward, e.g. lifestyle change, gaining employment - all with the greater aim of reducing reoffending.

In addition to the service we provide within the custody setting, we also have a dedicated call centre taking calls 24/7.

SARC Healthcare Delivery

We are experts in delivering SARC services across the UK.  We work closely with our NHSE and Police commissioners to ensure our patients receive the best care based on clinical excellence, best practice and a person centred and trauma informed approach.

Our teams receive the highest level of training, ongoing support and professional development through our Professional Development Academy.  This ensures each patient's unique and individual needs are met and that the evidence we provide for court is robust to support the criminal justice system.

In addition we provide continuous support for the teams involved from the initial Call handler to our Sexual Offence Examiners and Crisis workers. We recognise that a person centred approach and trauma informed care include everyone involved in the patients care. By actively protecting the mental wellbeing of our teams, we are allowing them to care for our patients.

G4S SARC’s are all CQC registered and we are proud of our CQC inspection outcomes (you can view these on our 'News' page). By working closely together, all SARCs have aligned processes, this means regardless of where a patient lives, by attending one of our SARCs they can be assured of care and treatment which is gold standard. Our SARC Management team meet regularly and are encouraged to be innovative, share incident reflections and learning.

The SARC is a one stop shop for patients to receive physical, mental and sexual health outcomes as well as forensic medical examinations.  We know that for some clients this will be the only healthcare they access and we use brief interventions and onward referrals to support our patients on their journey to recover. Some of those referrals may include, but are not limited to:

  • Forensic medical examinations of adults and children.
  • Notifications of attendance to GPs and safeguarding.
  • Crisis intervention counselling.
  • Substance Misuse, community paediatricians, mental health referrals and any other local services which are relvant.
  • Onward referrals into ISVA, IDVA, CHISVA, Sexual Health Clinics.

Patient Transport Services

Our Patient Transport Service assists patients who are eligible get to and from their healthcare appointments with no other means of getting there. Our staff are highly trained to get you to your appointment safely and in comfort.

Booking Transport

Booking transport is simple and can be done by calling our booking centre on 0800 096 0211 (option 1).



There is a set eligibility criteria that you must meet to be eligible for the service. If you are not eligible for our transport there may be other transport options for you which the booking agent will inform you of.


PTS has limited seats so we can only allow escorts to travel with those who have a genuine need for additional support. The escort could be a healthcare professional, relative, or carer who can provide a necessary skill or service which cannot be provided by the patient transport staff. An escort may also be a person recognised as a parent or guardian of an eligible patient under the

age of 16.


For more information about Patient Transport Services, or if you would like to leave feedback about your personal experience, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

G4S Patient Experience Team 

Unit 69 Waterhouse Business Centre

2 Cromar Way




Telephone: 0800 096 0211