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Remote Surveillance

We provide a permanent ‘eyes on’ your facility. Our teams operate around the clock and intervene when they spot something amiss and take pre agreed action to either pass audio through to site, request further investigation or contact your nominated site contact.

Remote Surveillance

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What we do
Our remote surveillance team operates on a 24*7 basis to provide your site with permanent ‘eyes on’ delivering peace of mind and compliance.

Should an incident occur, we perform a triage, liaise with your appointed first responder, dispatch a mobile security team or in some cases liaise with emergency services.

How we do it

Working in collaboration with your security system maintainer or G4S technician, we connect your CCTV to our Alarm Receiving Centre via the internet.

This connection can be live 24/7 or only switched on at times when your site is unattended.

What you'll need

It’s really simple

1) A compatible CCTV system

2) A secure Internet connection

3) Sufficient bandwidth

Your security system maintainer or G4S technician will be able to assist.

Thinking about replacing your CCTV?

Download our Video Surveillance guide to find out more. 

remote surveillance


We work closely with our partners to use the latest analytics to filter false alarms and focus our operations on genuine events.

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Remote surveillance

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