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Secure Solutions

G4S provides manned security through AssetGuard. We deliver a ‘one stop security shop’ for a wide range of business outsourcing services that are fully compliant with global best practice based on G4S worldwide standards.
G4S Staff

We provide the following Secure Solutions services in Nigeria: 

Manned Guarding

We provide manned security that are fully compliant with global practice based on G4S worldwide standards.

  • Access control
  • Checking functions
  • Static guards
  • Supervision
  • Patrolling
  • Parking and traffic control
  • Health & safety assistance
  • Receiving & despatch
  • Reception duties
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Venue security

On the majority of sites where G4S provides security services, our role extends far beyond simply providing access and egress control. We are integral to the safety of all staff, contractors and visitors. G4S’s presence and duties are critical to the smooth running of the site’s operation.

Alarm & CCTV Monitoring

We operate 24-hour control centres to respond to routine and emergency calls and preventive maintenance service requirements. We specialize in event-driven, off site monitoring of alarms, CCTV and electronic systems.

MOPOL - Nigerian Mobile Police Force
AssetGuard /G4S is licensed to utilize the services of dedicated squadrons and officers from the Nigerian Mobile Police Force (MOPOL).

AssetGuard/G4S has extensive experience in working with the Nigerian Police and we ensure each officer has a clear understanding of AssetGuard/G4S’ methods of operation & rules of engagement and our procedures to ensure weapon safety.

Support Services

Outsource/Support services allows customers to focus on their core business. We deliver a ‘one stop shop’ for a wide range of business outsourcing services.

We guarantee quality personnel who are efficient, trustworthy and work in total conformance with your corporate norms.

We offer:

  • Controllers / Dispatchers
  • Drivers / Chauffeurs
  • Valet Parking Services / Staff
  • Receptionists
  • Meeter Greeter staff
  • Porter & mailroom assistants
  • Fleet Services