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G4S works to safeguard the welfare and prosperity of millions of people worldwide – helping to create safer and better environments in which people live and work.

G4S Indonesia - our sectors


Protecting assets and ensuring efficiency

Retail businesses cannot thrive and prosper unless premises, stock, employees and customers have a safe and secure environment. 
In today’s tough economic climate, being faced with diverse and often growing risks, ensuring the security of key assets – people, takings, products and reputation – is a challenge for any retailer. 
G4S understands that true benefit from retail security is not gained simply by providing uniformed personnel at the storefront. 


Taiwan is famous for semiconductor manufacturers in the whole world.  In the past decades, G4S has been providing services to the leading companies in the Science Parks all around Taiwan and therefore accumulated valuable experiences covering both manned security services and integrated security systems.  With the abilities to speak in customer's language, G4S understands the standards and protocols that are crucial to sustainability of customer's business.  

Major Corporates and Industrials

In widely differing regulatory environments and cultures around the world, corporate and industrial organisations depend upon security for their long-term prosperity. In a world of diverse and complex risks, delivering effective security is a very real challenge.
At G4S, we understand that businesses who look at their security challenges more comprehensively can unlock hidden benefits to help them to thrive and prosper.
G4S offers a complete approach to security issues, drawing on our worldwide experience and global footprint, our proven capabilities in end-to-end project management, personnel management, logistics and security technologies.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions are under immense pressure to reduce cost and increase efficiency. Getting more out of the cash cycle is important, but ensuring that customers are being well served is crucial to the future of any institution.
G4S is the leading supplier of security solutions to financial institutions across the world.
Our experience has taught us that the key to realising wider benefits for our clients lies in taking a more complete view and developing comprehensive soultions that achieve long-term results.
A trusted partner with established networks and strong relationships with central banks, we bring together our expertise in cash management, logistics, intelligent systems, managing one of the world's largest international workforces, and the knowledge derived from providing security in diverse regulatory environments around the world.

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