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Manned security servces

G4S deploys security officers to luxury brands, major hospitals, residential and commercial buildings, leading manufacturer factories, foreigner enterprises, etc. in Taiwan. Our trained staff in uniforms or plain clothes are at the front line to secure our client's assets.
* Premium Manned Security
* Event Security
* Key Holding Services
* Mobile Security Patrol
* Security Escort
G4S Taiwan security officers

facility management services

Taiwan G4S provides integrated facility management services to top residential and commercial buildings.  Focusing on building operations and maintenance services, G4S also take care of customer's building for:
* Cleaning Services
* Landscaping
* Messenger Services
* Pest Control Services
* Renovation Services
* Chauffeur
* Labour Supply/ Support Staff
G4S airport security and fm services

Integrated Security System

G4S security systems and technology includes:

* Security installation and maintenance: access control, CCTV, intruder alarms, fire detection, and video analytics to identify and notify operators of issues.

* System Software integration: all sorts of security and building systems technology integration.
G4S Taiwan CCTV installation

Monitoring and Alarm

G4S Taiwan offers a wide range of technical solutions with digital processing and networking technologies for either standalone or seamlessly integrated security systems.  
Our control center operates 24 hours day 7 days a week to provide secure monitoring and response services.  Our patrol team are always near by to resolve the situation when the alarms are triggered.
G4S control room

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