Electronic Security Solutions

We deliver design, installation, integration, and maintenance services and solutions through the implementation of G4S technology

Electronic Security Solutions

Our experts manage the full security systems project lifecycle.

Our Services


We design tailor-made security solutions to provide the highest value for money to our customers. By combining extensive field experience and continuous training, our engineering team builds the right security measures around the customer's security requirements to mitigate all identified risks.


G4S installation teams always strive to help our customers by unlocking all the features of the security systems.our extensive knowledge of the UAE market and continuous performance improvement plans guarantee the highest level of service at all times.


Integration of security systems enables security professionals to achieve more value for money from their installation. In fact, G4S integration services allow the customers to create procedures, manage operations, ease reporting, monitor performance and, most of all, mitigate risks in a more efficient manner.


Our maintenance team is 24/7 dedicated to support our Customers and committed to resolve technical issues in the fastest time possible.Thanks to a reliable process and a highly trained team, G4S can ensure minimal downtime and more reliable security infrastructure.

Electronic Security Solutions 


Our control & monitoring solutions include:

Security control rooms.
Security management platform.
Phisycal information management Platform (PSIM).