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Events Security

At G4S we pride ourselves on delivering safe and enjoyable events, working closely with organisers, to create a security and crowd management plan that is tailored to the needs of each event, venue, audience profile and the local community. No matter your requirements, our team of committed professionals will help you deliver the best customer experience possible.
UAE Security Professionals for Events Security

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Event Security and Stewarding

Our event stewards are often the first and last experience for visitors and spectators. Therefore, we understand that the impression they create is vital to the overall success of each event. 

Our stewards responsibilities include:
  • Delivering a friendly and reassuring security culture
  • Ticketing checks and spectator screening at access points
  • Highlighting and addressing Health & Safety risks
  • Embracing the atmosphere whilst monitoring crowd behaviour
  • Managing crowd control by following the crowd management plan
  • Car Park Management
  • Addressing anti-social behaviour
  • Overseeing spectator egress

Crowd Management

Any event that is expected to attract a crowd needs crowd management procedures in place. Whether that event is a festival, a conference or a sporting event, lots of people gathering in the same place creates risks that can have dangerous consequences if not managed effectively.

Crowd management offers:

  • Crowd Density
  • Crowd Flow and Circulation
  • Capacity Calculation
  • Flow Rates
  • Arrival Profiles and Rates
  • Egress Rates

Year Round Guarding

As well as contracted and ad hoc events, we also offer year round guarding to provide security for your venue, staff and assets.

We can undertake a variety of roles which include:

  • 24/7 security 
  • Access control, including open and lock up procedures 
  • Security patrols, including sustainability checks such as lights-out, windows closed etc
  • CCTV and Monitoring
  • Reception & Concierge 
  • Maintenance Management 
  • Security sweeps to ensure private areas are clear of unauthorised listening or surveillance devices